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If you clicked here will probably want to make some cash. The best and easiest way o get there is using adult advertisers. We will make a post to explain the details soon. For now, we give you a list of companies that helps advertisers and publishers getting together.

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If you represent one of these adult advertisers companies and don’t agree with our scores and reviews, please consider contacting us. We will be glad to reconsider your services.

Comparison Chart

Company Live Support by Chat Multilingual Support Affiliates Program Site Usability Minimum Payout (USD) Final Score
Adult Sense         100,00 1,0
XXXWebTraffic        BAD 50,00 2,0
Creamy Ads       GOOD   7,5
Traffic Haus       GOOD   7,0
Eros Advertising       OK 10,00 6,0
Exoclick       GOOD 20,00 9,0
Plug Rush       GOOD 25,00 8,0
Click Papa       GOOD 50,00 9,5
Juicy Ads          BAD 25,00 6,0

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  • Website is pretty awesome. Easy to navigate and do your work.
  • Amazing statistic dashboard!
  • Website is pretty very good. Easy to navigate and do your work.
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  • Paypal fee USD 5,00
  • The site could be better diagrammed
  • Very good website navigation. Things are easy and clear.
  • Our winner until now!
  • Very good website navigation and serious proposal.
  • Lacks on affiliates programs.
  • Very good website navigation with complete information.
  • Easy to sign up.