Hello Webmasters! Today we realease a new feature: creating website pages. It’s now integrated a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) rich text editor. No more technical stuff, let’s go to hands-on.

Creating a New Page

create new page menu item

First of all, go to Nav Bar and click in Pages, then Create New Page. A new page will show up with some fields to fill in:

  • Title: your page title. This field is mandatory.
  • Status: Published or not.
  • Site: select wich website this page will be attached.
  • Code: this is the suffix of your webpage. If you leav it blank, Pornficator system will automatically complete for you.
  • HTML Content: your page content. Use your imagination, videos, pictures, whatever!

custom page creation

Integration with Navigation Bar Menu

Now that you already have you page, it is time to put inside your menu. But remember that this is not necessary, you still can acces your page from anywhere in internet.

Open up you Site in admin platform. Then, click in Customize Layout (if you haven’t created one yet, the button will show you to create one). In the right menu, select option Navigation Bar. Select an open slot or click in Insert Item.

For the last step, select your newly created page in Item Dropdown, white the Caption that will appear and the side of the link in the menu bar. And that’s it!

navbar item selection