This tutorial will guide you creating your first adult website, starting layout, defining categories and including new videos. These are the first steps after signing in Pornficator.

Creating your adult website

Create new adult website

Go to menubar search for Sites and click in Create New Site. In the new page, you have to fill all information about your new website.

  • Name: your adult website name.
  • Title: website title. This information will show on new adult website title.
  • Pornficator Domain: this is the way will you access your adult website. But don’t worry, you can change this information later.
  • External Domain: if you own an domain ( you can access your website using it. We need to make a customization in our server so open a support ticket.
  • Meta Tags: Search Engines and some affiliates programs require specific meta tags. If this is your case, don’t forget to include <meta></meta>.
  • Layout: Leave if empty. We will create a new one in this post.
  • Description: it is always important to include description in your website to search engines can easily find you.
  • Status: Set it to Active, otherwise will will not be able to access it.
  • Tracking Code: Paste here your tracking code from google analytics or any tracking system.

New adult website form

After inputing all information, you will be ready to save it. This is how it looks:

New website screen

 Creating new layout

 Layout are how you adult website will look. You can customize, change appearance, colors, position, and much more. Start clicking in Create Layout after creating your website (or open a website from from Sites > All Sites). This is the form of new layout:

New layout form

  • Name: this is your layout name. It is important and that is how you distinguish one layout from another.
  • Site: select the adult website you have just created.
  • Description: some extra info you want to remember.
  • Template: now you select one from the available templates. Everything is fully customizable in next steps.

Save it. This is the screen for customizing the new layout:

Customize layout form

Please take a look at each section/tab. They provide information and options to customize your website.

This is the first website layout

Selecting Categories

Now you have your new website and layout. It is time to select the main categories! Click in Categories in Top Navbar. This screen shows yours websites and categories. Just click in red cross to include the category in the desired adult website. To remove, click in green check button. The pencil link will edit the category so you can change it’s description.

Categories screen

Including New Videos

Ok, now that is the last part of this tutorial and the core any adult website: videos! We provide videos from almost all adult free videos supplier. It’s a huge database with millions of videos just for you. Keep reading and you will see how easy you can include videos in your website. In the navbar, click in Videos > Search Database.

This is the videos search screen with criterias:

Now, search for some criteria and hit Search button. Careful: the more criteria you choose, slower the search will be. As we said before, there are millions of videos.

After searching, the results will be displayed as image below. Select a video by clicking in Add to Website.

Now, the last screen. There are some information from the video as creation date, duration, supplier, views and tags. Fill in next information to publish selected video.

  • Destination Website: select the website you want to publish this video.
  • Status: Only published will be shown in your website. The other status does not interfere.
  • Custom Title: you can modify title to match your needs.
  • Custom Description: describe the video! That’s the bet way to search engines find you.
  • Custom Tags: this will make your user navigate in your website easily.
  • Publish Date: set the date you want to publish your videos. Going on vacations? No problem. But remember: this is the Pornficator Server timezone (EST).

And that’s it. Your adult website is up and running in a few minutes! Now spread the word and take a look at the other tutorials.